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We offer a full complement of practice management services, including:

Private Coaching with Accountability Support

Consulting for Next Level Leadership and Growth

Success Acceleration Mini Modules

Learn About Our Current Modules... +

Signature Strengths Assessment with Coaching and Written Report

Understand your core strengths and thinking style so you can work smarter, not harder. We find that when advisors don't understand their strengths and true preferences, they under value their best assets and over focus on trying to fix their weaknesses... and others'. We help you better understand your brain's operating manual so you can master its best features and maximize your ROE-Returns on Effort. In this Mini Module, you'll take up to six thinking, personality, and work style inventories. You will get:

  • Results and interpretations for each individual inventory.
  • Our unique Comprehensive Profile Written Report where we write the unified story of you told across all of the individual inventories, and we focus on their implications for next level success in your life, practice, and firm. We give you strategies for building on your strengths and using them to manage your weaknesses or make them irrelevant.
  • Private two-hour Call to present your results.
  • Private one-hour Next Steps Strategy Call.


Website Impact Review with Written Recommendations

Make your website magnetic. You'll get strategies for simple low- or no-cost improvements you can make on your current site and strategies for how to work with a website developer and get the site you want.

  • One-hour Website Review Video Call with Jody when she'll go through your website with you page-by-page.
  • Video call recording that you can download and keep.
  • Our Magnetic Website Guide with strategies for simple tweaks to dramatically improve your current website, and tips for working with a website developer to get the kind of site you want.


Listening and Communication Techniques for Authentic Influence

*Ideal for technical-minded advisors, introverts, and any advisor who wants to listen more and ask better questions. Learn the 3 Wide X 3 Deep Methodology, the Powerful Questions Technique, and how to hone your small talk skills. Learn to communicate with ease, increase client engagement, and take the concern out of communications. You'll get:

  • Two private one-hour trainings with Ed and Jody.
  • A private 90-minute Strategy Call with Ed and Jody.


Confident Conversations that Convert Prospects into Clients

Filling your pipeline with prospects is step one. Now, you need to know how to engage in a "sales" conversation to convert prospects into clients so you fill your book of business. You'll learn, step-by-step, how to structure and pace conversations with prospects so you can convert them into clients--how to write shorter emails that prospects respond to, how to lead with value, and how to have an authentic conversation from day one. You'll get:

  • A private one-hour training on Conversations that Convert.
  • Two private one-hour Strategy Calls with Jody.
  • Our Conversations that Convert Step-by-Step Guide.

Examples of Topics We Help Advisors Deal With Include...


  • Understand your signature strengths and build on them
  • Improve relationships with clients and team members
  • Apply life planning approaches and integrate them into your offers
  • Build confidence in the value you offer
  • Identify your ideal target market and niche
  • Have difficult conversations with clients and team members
  • Create and align your business and marketing plans
  • Identify and articulate your business purpose, values, and vision
  • Set and implement firm and personal goals
  • Avoid spinning your wheels in perfectionism
  • Write short(er) emails with a call to action so prospects respond
  • Convert prospects into new clients (what to do, step-by-step)
  • Design and price your offers so you get paid for your time and value
  • Write your ADV so it supports the pricing model you want to use
  • And more...

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