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As a full-service practice management firm, we work with financial advisors (CFP®, CPA-PFS, RLP®, CeFT®, CFA, CIMA, and others) and firm owners and executives, as well as a select number of business leaders in technology and healthcare.

Most, though not all, of our clients have worked in finance for 10 years or more. Now, they want next level success. Whether they are starting a new RIA, expanding their approach or services, or preparing for succession, we help them clarify their compelling vision, break through obstacles, and achieve big things.

Client Testimonials:

Jody is a rock star! She has been absolutely instrumental in guiding me, coaching me, and giving me confidence to face fears.
Carolyn Larsen-Weiber, CPA-PFS, RIA Owner

I really appreciate Jody's approach and the succinct language she uses when coaching a client. It was both inspiring and supportive. She's quickly able to assess her client's needs and offers them encouragement and insights so they can step forward with intention. After working with Jody, I can now see the whole game board and how to move the pieces the directions I want to go and that is really empowering.
Lora Woodward, RLP®, Certified Coach

Ed Jacobson brings the highest level of integrity, expertise, humor and sensibility. He has encouraged me to focus and work in ways that have improved my business and my life. He is an expert in applying and integrating Appreciative Inquiry as a methodology of working with clients, staff and in fact, everyone whose life you touch. I have seen a marked difference in the quality of relationships being built by using Ed's techniques and ideas.
Michael F. Kay, International Keynote Speaker-Financial Life Planner-Author

Having recently met Jody at the AICPA PFS Retreat, and subsequently spending a fair amount of time working together on a project with Jody, I can wholeheartedly say that Jody is not only a gifted communicator and thought partner but a really special person. If you are looking for an executive coach or a practice-management consultant for your financial advisory firm, you'd be lucky to get in with Jody. I was also impressed with the educational module she delivered in partnership with me for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP).
Marie Swift, President & CEO of Impact Communication

I have worked with Ed as a consultant for our 20-person independent wealth management firm, as a coach and mentor, and as a co-trainer for a cohort of financial advisors interested in developing life planning skills. In all these roles, Ed has masterfully guided me/us toward a better future--one brimming with creative and solid ideas to bring the possible into reality. His ability to listen deeply and provide constructive suggestions with insight and with humor is unsurpassed in my experience.
Dan Boyce Partner, CFP®, Center for Financial Planning (retired)

Through Jody's invaluable coaching, she taught me how to manage people, make change, and build teams. I appreciate that Jody distills her enormous knowledge of communication and human behavior into an actionable and memorable toolbox that can cause real results day-to-day in meetings, negotiations, and pitches. Hire her!
Adam Braus—Technology Leader and Entrepreneur

Thank you Ed and Jody for another great call! I appreciate the well-balanced advice, as always. Our work together has been a wonderful, fulfilling experience so far. I've learned and grown, and feel more grounded and have a firmer footing in my current situation. I know where I’m going, and with your help, I know I can get there.
Mark*, RLP®, RIA Executive (*Due to his employment situation, we've used our client's first name only.)

Ed does an incredible job of connecting with his audiences and creating energy with his presentations. He is very eloquent, engaging and a fairly 'good stand-up' (comedian, in another life). I would highly recommend Ed to anyone who would seek his speaking services! As a coach, Ed's qualities and skills are unparalleled. He is extremely efficient at focusing and achieving results and his familiarity with the financial planning community makes his coaching skills a highly desired commodity in the Financial Advisor world.
David Bergmann, CFP®, was a beloved financial planning luminary

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